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You can find a list of all my publications in here (Bibtex format in here). Please contact me if you cannot find one of my publications online, I will be glad to help in any way I can.

Last update: 20/02/14

Welcome to Matias Korman’s webpage!

I am an assistant professor at Tokuyama Laboratory within Tohoku University.


Tel: +81-22-795-4747

Fax: +81-22-795-4747

E-mail: mati@dais.is.tohoku.ac.jp


Tokuyama Laboratory

GSIS, Tohoku University

6-3-09 Aramaki-Aoba Aoba-ku Sendai

980-8579 Japan

My Curriculum Vitae


In a broad sense I work in computational geometry, a field in between discrete mathematics and computer science. I am interested in topics related to shortest path computation and simple polygons.

Keywords that often appear in my publications are: geodesic, shortest path, polygons, ad-hoc networks, coloring decomposition, and highway location.


Kawarabayashi Large Graph Project

Tokuyama Laboratory

my DBLP entry.