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A look of the lab.


Professor Takshi Tokuyama have moved to Kwansei Gakuin University since 2019 fiscal year.

Mathematics Useful in Real Life

We focus on technology to design high-quality information systems exploiting theoretical analysis and evaluation of mathematical systems and models.

Due to recent popularization of advanced information systems such as internet and multimedia systems, we need computerized information processing in almost every scene of human life: Clever design of information systems is our key to prosperous future.

For solving a practical problem efficiently by using computers, possible approaches include:

  1. design clever algorithms
  2. apply heuristics or approximation methods
  3. apply a learning paradigm (e.g. neural network)
  4. change the model of computing

For each approach, we must evaluate the quality of solutions and computing cost. It is not only inaccurate but also dangerous to give the evaluation based on small-scale experiments; therefore, mathematical and theoretical analysis is crucial for designing high-quality information systems.

Application areas of our technology include: geometric & geographic information processing, optimization, numerical analysis, scientific computation,image processing, data compression & mining, e-commerce, and computational biology.

Fig.1: Geometric Information Processing (Voronoi)
Fig.2: Application of Theoreteical Computer Science (RNA)