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Report problem for Design and Analysis of Information Systems 2018 has been uploaded on my Japanese web page.

Takeshi Tokuyama
Graduate School of Information Sciences(GSIS), Tohoku University
Professor of Design and Analysis of Information Systems
8th floor, Aobayama Campus, GSIS Building, Sendai, Japan.
email: tokuyama AT dais.is.tohoku.ac.jp
Research area
Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics
Most favorite area is Computational Geometry and related combinatorics.
List of papers (before 2000)
Please see DBLP list for recent papers
Current joint project New Horizons in Computing (2004-2007)
Workshop on New Horizons in Computing: Recent Trends in Theoretical Computer Science (Conference announcement)
Work when I was in IBM Tokyo Research
Data Mining Project
Editor of
Journal of Operations Research Society of Japan, and Journal of Japan Industrial and Applied Mathematics
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DBLP Bibliography server
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies or Computer Science Bibliographies Glimpse
Geometry Web-page by Jeff Erickson
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WWW Virtual Library Netlib conference DB
Working Groups on TCS in Japan
IPSJ SIGAL@(SIG Algorithm of Information Processing Society of Japan)
Japanese Grant.
Homepage on Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Some International Conferences
International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation. ISAAC
ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry. List in Geometry in Action of D. Eppstein @
Prof. Tomomi Matsui's page
This contains many informations including OR softwares and benchmarks
Go(6th dan), the world-best board game.
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