Accommodation Information

Kyoto Royal Hotel & SPA (Banquet place)

We have a few rooms in Kyoto Royal Hotel (deadline is May 23).
-Single: 46000 yen for 5 nights from 6/7-12 without breakfast
-Twin: 82000 yen for 5 nights without breakfast
-Breakfast: 1600 yen per person
(Note that breakfast will not be provided at the conference, although some snacks will be provided at coffee break)

Recommendable Western style Hotel list

It is cheaper to book through etc.
Note that Saturday night stay is expensive in Kyoto.

There are cheap Japanese style accommodation (Ryokan), and recommendable if you love Japanese life-style or will travel in group.

Casual Hotels in Kawaramachi area (about 40000 yen for 5 nights with breakfast)

Casual Hotels near Kyoto Station ( a little cheaper than Kawaramachi)

Higher Class hotels

Luxury Hotels